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Tonight's Show!!

Ok this is my opinion on everyone's performance tonight.

George- his voice itself was good but i really missed the amazing bouncy personality that i fell in love with. In my notebook that i keep i gave him the rating of great.

Jennifer- usually it seems to me like she is screaming her songs in places but i really liked her performance tonight and in my notebook i gave her a high excellent.

JPL- WOW!!! I LOVED his performance tonight. He was totally a Randy so eloquently put "back". In my notebook tonight he definatly got a High excellent. And him shirtless was a little to much to take.

Diana- I thought her voice was just ok tonight and i REALLY didn't like her song choice. I gave her a low great in my notebook.

Fantasia- I usually don't like her at all but tonight i thought that her performance was pretty good and i gave her a low excellent in my notebook.

Jasmine- tonight i felt that it was a pretty good song choice for her but the performance itself was definatly not her best. In my notebook i gave her a low great.

John- he was definatly back in his element tonight. Perfect song choice for him and a REALLY great performance. In my notebook he also definatly got a high excellent and need i say anything about how HOT he was in just a towel? Course i have to keep reminding my self that he is Jail Bait.

La Toya- yet again another amazing performance from her. I once again gave her a High excellent in my notebook.

Ok time for a prediction on the bottom three. I think that it will be Diana, Jasmine, and as much as i hate to think it George with either Diana or Jasmine going home this week.
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