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JPL on "On Air" and something else. [17 Apr 2004|05:09am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I loved seeing JPL on "On Air with Ryan Secrest" his breakdancing was awsome. And he once again confirmed that he plans to write and release a album and the people in the audience went nuts or so it seems. I know that he was eliminated from AI for a reason and that God has bigger and better things for JPL beyond American Idol. One thing is for certain JPL's energy will be sorely miss on American Idol but his fans can always look forward to seeing him in Finale. I know i for one can't wait. I also am REALLY looking forward to the AI tour this summer which i have no intentions of missing this year's tour like i had to the other two seasons. On one of the posts there was a discussion about whether or not Randy told JPL that he hopes to see his rock band on the charts someday and Randy did indeed say that to him. "On Air" doesn't air until 11:30pm where i live and i was listening closely to what Randy was saying to JPL to see if i caught him sayingi that. I was looking through the idolonfox forums and i came across some thing really nice posted by one of JPL's friends that i thought some of you might be interested in reading:

Tribute to the REAL Jon Lewis

I’ve never posted before and probably won’t again, but have to put in my two-cents worth now, as someone who’s had the pleasure of knowing Jon & spending time with him. JPL fans, and others, please read on.
I got to know Jon in Jr. High & through High School. . .sometimes I've been proud to call him a friend - - - sometimes I've been embarrassed, and sometimes I've hated his guts. But I'm sure he'd be disappointed to read all the garbage and name-calling that's going on - - - don’t rip on people because they don’t enjoy his music. . . just be glad that you have better ears than they do and let them wallow in their own hate and bashing. I know that Jon wouldn't want all kinds of contention and hate because of this latest vote.

Yes, I'm sad that he was voted off, and yes, I'm disgusted by all the horrible things that have been said about him, but I refuse to respond in kind.

Here's the TRUTH--the REAL Jon Lewis as I got to know him. He's a man willing to devote 2 years of his life to loving, serving, and teaching people in Barcelona, Spain. (That's why he's fluent in Spanish). He's incredibly funny, brutally honest, supremely confident, annoyingly perfectionist about his music, and sometimes just plain obnoxious. He's made mistakes and pulled pranks, (I won't even mention what it was that almost got him kicked out of playing the part of Uncle Max in our high school production of "The Sound of Music") but he's never, ever pretended to be anything other than what he is.

And what he is a PHENOMENAL singer (though honestly, not much of a dancer–unless we’re talking break-dancing). And even though he’s given some great performances so far, America still hasn’t seen what he is capable of. Maybe it’s been nerves, or maybe the crazy schedule, but his performances haven’t measured up to what I’ve seen and heard him do. When and if a JPL CD comes out, I’m confident that this amazing voice will speak for itself and silence much of the criticism that I’ve read tonight.

Thanks for your time.

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Tonight's Show!! [15 Apr 2004|02:56am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok this is my opinion on everyone's performance tonight.

George- his voice itself was good but i really missed the amazing bouncy personality that i fell in love with. In my notebook that i keep i gave him the rating of great.

Jennifer- usually it seems to me like she is screaming her songs in places but i really liked her performance tonight and in my notebook i gave her a high excellent.

JPL- WOW!!! I LOVED his performance tonight. He was totally a Randy so eloquently put "back". In my notebook tonight he definatly got a High excellent. And him shirtless was a little to much to take.

Diana- I thought her voice was just ok tonight and i REALLY didn't like her song choice. I gave her a low great in my notebook.

Fantasia- I usually don't like her at all but tonight i thought that her performance was pretty good and i gave her a low excellent in my notebook.

Jasmine- tonight i felt that it was a pretty good song choice for her but the performance itself was definatly not her best. In my notebook i gave her a low great.

John- he was definatly back in his element tonight. Perfect song choice for him and a REALLY great performance. In my notebook he also definatly got a high excellent and need i say anything about how HOT he was in just a towel? Course i have to keep reminding my self that he is Jail Bait.

La Toya- yet again another amazing performance from her. I once again gave her a High excellent in my notebook.

Ok time for a prediction on the bottom three. I think that it will be Diana, Jasmine, and as much as i hate to think it George with either Diana or Jasmine going home this week.

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[10 May 2004|08:45am]

hm.. figured id write something. dont know how many people will look at it. this week on american idol will be "songs from a movie" jon peter lewis should sing ANY song from Donnie Darko. theyd all suit his voice..perfectly

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[26 Mar 2004|04:01pm]

testing the layout

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testing... testing... testing..

style overrides.. ignore this entry

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[26 Mar 2004|03:37pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

first entry.. need to add more to this community.. jpl has made it to the top 12 and throught the first two weeks.. looks like he is holding dtrong and can make it to the finals if we all keep up the voting and support.. <3 amber, the mod

ps.. you can contact me on aol @ xbloodrunsred or on yahoo @ xvamptramp

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